Donate to me to help others.

I'm asking for donations to:
1) visit a famous composer's home in los angeles to study his scores
2) to finish building my studio (audio and video equipment)
3) and to keep my YouTube channel active and moving forward

1. I've been invited to go to Los Angeles to stay with Brent Fischer, who is the son of the late great Claire Fischer. Claire, who passed away a couple of years ago is one of the great composers of the past 50 years. Brent has invited me to come stay at their home and study Claire's compositions and arrangements. I need donations for travel and lodging expenses.  

2. I desperately need to finish building my studio. Some parts of my studio are becoming obsolete faster then I can afford to replace them. I need your donations to complete this wonderful studio that I've spent years building. wrote an article about my studio. You can read about it here.  

3. The YouTube tutorials I make take a lot of time to produce. Music tutorials, studio tips, and my HOW TO series of in depth training videos is like a full time job. I don't get paid for this work. I need donations to keep my successful and rapidly growing YouTube channel together. I'm trying to produce one or two in depth videos per week.