Once a client, always a client.
— Me

My policy: Once you’re a client, (you've paid for consultations and/or services), you can then contact me freely anytime you have a question or encounter an issue (24/7). I will only consider charging you at this point if I need to spend time building, changing or re-optimizing a template, (that’s been changed after I created it).


Custom Templates for:

  1. Vienna Ensemble Pro

  2. DAWs - Digital Performer - Cubase - Logic - Pro Tools (Studio One Coming Soon)

  3. Notation - Finale, Sibelius, Dorico and Notion) 



Fully functional and extremely powerful templates for Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, DAW (Digital Performer, Logic and Cubase) and (Notation) Finale, Sibelius, Dorico and Notion. I sell generic and custom built templates. I’ve built templates for leading Hollywood and Disney composers as well as templates for indie composers and students. My templates can adapt to fit the requirements of any system. I’m VSL Certified (see certificate below), so you can be assured my templates are A+. 


1. Templates are built around good workflow habits. This is extremely important and sets the tone for the rest of the design. 

2. Templates most be powerful and have the ability to use or take advantage of every feature included in your specific DAW, Vienna Ensemble Pro and your sample libraries.

3. Templates must be CPU, RAM and SSD optimized to run on just about any system, under any condition, but the default settings for your template must be specially optimized for your system and easy to maintain, thus offering you a multitude of workflows. 

4. Templates must be reliable, stable and this must not interfere with the workflow, ever. 



Remote Access

I primarily use AnyDesk to remotely and securely access your computer. It’s free and is rock solid. Download it from: https://anydesk.com/en

  • Place AnyDesk in you Applications folder. Launch it. Send me the 7-digit number that appears.

I can also use the free TeamViewer app to remotely and securely access your computer. Please follow the instructions below to setup TeamViewer before our remote access session.

  • Close Preferences

  • In TeamViewer’s Main Window, copy “Your ID” and “Password.”

  • Send me Your ID and Password using the Contact form below before the remote session begins.

  • At our pre-scheduled time, I will log in to the remote session.

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